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King Mary - Classical Crossover Singer, artist, and musician. Classical crossover music.

Your new Classical crossover singer and music.

King Mary is a classical crossover singer. Listen to her classical crossover music. classical crossover singer and music. King Mary is one of the best in classical crossover music. For classical crossover music, please contact her. King Mary, classical crossover singer and music.

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Marisa Johnson is an International Award-winning singer from Los Angeles, and currently the #1 Classical Artist in The Netherlands and #1 Global Classical Artist on ReverbNation. She was chosen to sing with Andrea Bocelli in Las Vegas after she opened for Enrique Iglesias at the House of Blues. Applauded by Renee Fleming and having just completed a successful international tour, this award-winning artist has just released a brand new original classical song that is blowing up on the charts and taking the world by storm.

Check out Marisa's brand new original song, "Your Time" on iTunes NOW! 

#1 Classical Single on iTunes for The Netherlands

#2 Classical Single on iTunes for the United Kingdom

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